Rating survey


We kindly ask you to take part in the questionnaire about the determination of the education quality for the last academic year. The analysis of these datas will help increase the effectiveness of student learning, and allow to identify the best lecturers, teachers, and disciplines for the previous academic year.

The survey is anonymous!!! The Department of Internal Quality Assurance of Higher Education is responsible for this survey.

We ask you to choose the faculty and the course for which you will take the survey.

We remind you that each student takes a survey for the previous academic year. That is, 2nd year students are surveyed for 1st academic year, etc.

Please read each question carefully!

Please, when determining the rating of teachers (lecturers, departments) indicate the place you give them (№1, №2, etc.), or write down the names and titles of disciplines in descending order of rating (the best, better, good) when choosing the best, and accordingly in increasing order of rating (the worst, worse, bad) when choosing the worst.

Thank you for your active participation! All your answers will be taken into account!